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Lessons & Events

If you are interested in lessons and classes I teach, please send me a message using the contact form below and I will contact you within 3 business days. Don't worry. This is not a formal registration and you won't be asked to make any payments. It's just my way of putting you in the front of the queue so you won't miss out.  
  1. Individual Lessons
    Ongoing Enrollement
    • 45 / 60 min lesson a week • Masterclass & Studio Recitals • Ideal for Exams and Competitions • Beginner to Advanced
  2. Group Lessons
    Come with Your Friend
    • 2-4 students in a class • 50 min class a week • Mandatory parent attendance • Perfect for young beginners ages 4-6
  3. Virtual Lessons
    Ongoing Enrollement
    What you need: • Piano • iPhone/ iPad • Notemaker-Cadenza app
  4. RCM Exam Prep
    Jan. Apr. Jun. or Aug.
    • Repertoires & Etudes • Musicianship • Technique
  5. Theory Classes
    Summer Intensive
    Levels 5 through 8 theory classes (formerly Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Rudiments) will be offered online.
  6. Parents Workshops
    Learn how you can support your child's musical developments at parents workshops led by educators from the University of Toronto
Please let us know what you are interested in and when would be a best time to reach you.
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